4 kommentarer om “Den stille døden

  1. I was on a graveyard today. I read the names, the dates om the tombs covered with yellow leaves. I imagined my loved ones there and how I would come to talk to them. When I am dead, who is there to mourn?

    • Sometimes I think about the same thing. Mostly because I’ll be all alone when I’m old. By the time I die, my parents will probably be gone. And I don’t have any siblings, and it will never be any children or a husband in my life. I’m a lonely wolf, and I don’t want that to change 😉

      It’s quite fascinating to think about. There will be nothing left after my death. Only the ashes. And perhaps these words on the world wide web 😀

      • I did hit the like button but…. it sounds a little sad, no lover in your life (?). But then you don’t want that to change, so maybe it’s perfectly alright. In the end we’ll be all forgotten, one perhaps sooner then another, but into oblivion we all will get. Our words on the internet will smothered into billions of other words. It is best to enjoy our words today 🙂

  2. Så utrolig fint du skriver! Jeg blir virkelig dratt med inn i innleggene dine og jeg gleder meg til å følge deg videre! Så nydelige bilder også!

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