2 kommentarer om “On the inside

  1. What wonderful pictures. How cozy this looks. When I’m realy realy old, like 186, I want a place like this, and I want my mother (275) to poor me a cup of tea and smell her freshly baked bread, and I want my father (277) to sit in the garden, caressing the dogs (6) curly head, and swans are landing on the lake, it’s sunday ever after, I close my eyes and I hear the laughter of my childhood.

    • That sounds like a nice dream! You made me smile 🙂 I really like this place, it’s the house of someone I used to know. But the years have passed by, and I don’t really know him anymore. Only the pictures remains.

      It looks cozy, but it’s very different from my own style. I have a very simple an minimalistic interior. It gives me freedom to think.


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