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  1. Wow! Those are wonderful portraits! I bookmarked your web page. Do you use flash or other light? A diffuser or other tools? I am looking at light to buy but I don’t know what I should get, if any. I don’t know anything about lighting. But after two nights of scrolling through websites of camera stores I had this terrible nightmare in wich I was attacked by giant soft boxes who surrounded me with a fluffy floppy army, it was raining beauty dishes that bruised my poor head, lightstands marched with thousands of legs and flashlights were going off from all around me – it was really scary. So any advise would be very helpful.

    By the way – I like your name 🙂

    • Thank you! I rarely use flash on my portraits. I actually think I have only used it on some of my self-portraits. I like to use the natural light outside, but I also plan to get to know my flash better when it comes to portraits 😉 I use it a lot to take picture of my dog and for food photography indoors, but that’s mainly what I use it for.

      I think natural light gives me more freedom, but at the same time I have to be careful with where I place the model, and I use some time to plan the perfect time of the day for my location.

      That sounds like a terrible nightmare, but you made me smile a bit! 😉

      The flash I use is Canon Speedlite 600EX-rt. I can really recommend it, but I don’t have that much experience with flashes.

      It is lots of products out there, so I understand that you get a bit overwhelmed. I guess it would be an idea to think about in what situations the flash will be useful for you (portraits, macro, still life, food etc.), and search the web for samples using different equipment.

      I like my name too 😉 It is only 37 people in Norway with Drageland as a last name. And many of them have another last name in addition to that, so it’s even fewer with just «Drageland».


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