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  1. The pictures are adorable. And without my friend the translating programm I could read the titel! 🙂 In Dutch we say: mijn metgezel. ‘met’ is ‘med’ and ‘vandrer’ is ‘gezel’, meaning: one who goes with you. Vandrer is, I think, realated to ‘wanderer’ in English, and ‘wandern’ in German. In Dutch we got the word ‘wandelen’, meaning: going by foot, walking, but it has a slightly different meaning then Vandrer I guess. Anyway – don’t pay attention to me. I’m a sucker for language and these kind of things bring me a lot of joy 🙂

    • Yes, that is correct. Vandrer is wanderer in English. We also use the word to describe just walking/going by foot, but then we say «å vandre», like «to wander».

      It’s not so much used in our languages nowadays , but I like to describe my walking style as wandering. Slow walk in a more releaxed and thoughtful way 🙂

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