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  1. Is it possible not to love? Be the subject of the love, say, a man, a woman, a lover maybe, or parents, friends, a village or a city. A landscape. Flowers. Music. A dog. I think you need to have be or been loved in order to be able to love yourself. There are people who have never been loved, who were neglected from the very first minute after birth, who have never felt warmth, attention, affection, who have never been cuddled, kissed, who have never been cared for. Those people probably can’t love. These people do excist. Poor souls! Luckely there are not many of them.

    • Well, I guess it depends on what kind of love you are thinking about. I love my dog and have a big passion for photography and poetry, but I don’t think it can be compared with «the love of your life».

      That’s the kind of love I’m thinking about. «How can anyone write about the love you feel for a special someone, when you have never experienced it?»

      I don’t mean that I’m unable to love, just that I’m not able to feel that kind of love. Maybe because I don’t allow myself that (because a relationship is something I don’t want and don’t need). But sometimes I wonder if I would be able to feel that kind of emotions.

      I think most people are able to love someone (or something), but of course there is exceptions like people who have been neglected.

      Love is a wide consept, an can be quite confusing.

  2. You are right. Love IS a wide concept and I chose to make it as wide as possible. But I do understand the kind of love you are talking about. Is it possible to know how it feels to be on top of a mountain when you never climbed one? I don’t think so. You could of course imagine how it would be: the cold, the wind howling , the sun on your face, the thin air, the loneliness, maybe fear, maybe pride. But how it really feels, you would not know. So if you really want to know how it feels to love someone (and be loved), you would have to experience it. Then you would probably have to fall in love first. I don’t think it is easy to tell yourself: okay, today I’m gonna fall in love. 🙂 It doesn’t work like that mostly. But it might be worth a try. Everything in life comes with a cost though. Emotional shake ups for example 🙂 But again, it might be worth a try. But hey! You are early! And I am late, I know. I’m going to bed now. Have a good day!

    • I was late too 😉 I usually fall asleep early in the morning. But now I’m awake and going on a trip to visit my old grandma.

      Hope you have a pleasant Sunday!

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