10 kommentarer om “When she smiles

  1. I try to learn how to use flash by taking self portraits. (I am the most patient model in my direct neighbourhood 🙂 ) I have a ton of selfies now! (And I wish I was more handsome, having to look at my face all the time) Someone said: you are like a teenage girl with all that selfies! 🙂

    • Haha! 😉 That sounds funny. I rarely take self portraits, but i like to capture myself for later. See how I change with the years. I hope to take some new ones in the spring. But I need a new tripod first. Since I felt on the ice this winter and broke it. It works inside, but I don’t dare to take it outside when it’s in this condition.

      I use the flash a lot when I photograph my little dog, food and flowers inside, but I don’t think I will ever use it frequently with portraits. Also because of the weight. My camera with a lens only is already heavy enough for a 2 hours photoshoot. I really feel it in my arms when i have been photographing my food for half an hour with flash. That’s the downside with professional equipment, it weights a lot!

  2. It does! When I bought my flash I also bought a lightstand with it, (and an umbrella) So I hardly use it on my camera till now. I did once and the whole thing was getting topheavy. But I have just started learning, there is a whole lot to it. And I hardly understand taking pictures without flash! I learn by looking at pictures on blogs and I learn a lot from your pictures. Anyway – I won’t keep you longer tonight 🙂 Sleep tight when you go to bed!

    • I have a little foot for it, that I’m able to use for some food photography. But I don’t want a tripod just for the flash, at least not for animal and food photography. That would just take much more time. But for portraits it would be an option of course. I think I will explore that more in the future, but for now I enjoy shooting in the natural light. I’m really looking forward to spring, because them I’m going to capture this wonderful lady again. In more spring-like clothes. Maybe a pretty dress or something.

      I’m glad to hear that you learn from my pictures! And feel free to always ask, if there is something you wonder about.

      I just woke up, so I’m going to start my day now. I don’t follow the clock, so sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes in the morning. Now I’m in a period of sleeping in daytime. I felt asleep around 19:00 yesterday 😉

    • I hope you sleep well! This comment wasn’t visible until now for some reason.

      I’m going on a walk with my dog, and plan to edit some old photos from 2015. It’s so interesting to go back and re-edit old pictures. Feel the atmosphere from the places I’ve been with my camera, think about all the emotions I’ve captured and kan keep forever.

  3. En vet ikke hvor mye et varmt smil kan løfte opp et annet menneske i løpet av en dag. No en gang er kan et smil være mer enn nok for å få et annet menneske til å føle seg bedre. 🙂 Fine bilder.


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