Tilbakeblikk på torsdag

IMG_1484Hver torsdag fremover kommer jeg til å poste et tilbakeblikk. Det kan være tanker om noe som har vært, erfaringer og opplevelser. Gleder og sorger. Rett og slett om noe som er fortid, enten det er fra forrige uke eller forrige tiår.

Throwback thursday er ikke et ukjent fenomen i sosiale medier. Jeg ønsker ikke bare å se tilbake på gode tider eller bare hverdagen min. Det kan være gamle tekster, gamle fotografier, gamle minner på ulike vis.

Jeg håper du vil følge den nye spalten her på bloggen, og del gjerne et minne med meg hver torsdag. Fortell om noe du husker godt fra fortiden. Noe som har satt dype spor.

6 kommentarer om “Tilbakeblikk på torsdag

  1. Good idea! I love to read what you come up with. I will think about something myself as well. 🙂 Or wait, maybe a small one right now. I must have been 4 or 5 yers old. It was summer. In the village I was born hay was being gathered to bring to the hay shed of our neighbour farmer. It was hot, a thunderstorm was due so the hay had to be from the meadow by the end of the afternoon. My brother and I asked if we could help. ‘Shouldn’t you be at kindergarden?’, the farmer asked. ‘No, today we are off’, we lied. He gave us a rake and we had to rake the left over hay to little bunches so he and family members could stack them up the hay wagon. During half midday break we were sitting down in the hay and they gave us a glass of lemonade. When all the hay was on the wagon we got our reward. We were seated between the teeth of a hay fork and the strongest man stacked us on the wagon, like they had done with the hay. I will never forget the air born trip to the top of the warm, sweet smelling hay. We then went to the barn and we passed our house. My brother and I hid in the hay: ‘Mom must not see us!’ Later we came home and we really believed our mother would not notice anything strange. But of course we were covered with hay and sweat smeared dust, so we were virtually black. I don’t remember us being punished, but we did get a good scrub down. 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing a funny childhood memory! I’m looking forward to maybe get to know some more next Thursday.

      I think this will be a nice way to look back at my life. Both good and bad memories. Some from my childhood and maybe some just from the last week.


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