10 kommentarer om “5 norske sanger som gir meg gåsehud

  1. I’m going to listen to them all. I don’t know any Norwegian songs except the mega hit : Knurring mot fjorden troll mens kaste min iskrem i flammene, by Hans Hansson Dahlhammer. Wonderful song! I could however attend you to one of my favorite Dutch singers called Spinvis, translated Spider Fish. He can’t really sing and his guitar playing is basic, but he writes the most beautiful songs and the link here is from a tearjerking wonderful one. The title is: Trein vuur dageraad, or: Train fire dawn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AySM0u85wMQ 🙂

    • I’ve never heard of that Norwegian song actually!

      I really liked the song you linked to. It’s calm and I enjoyed it. Actually so much that I had to download it.

        • You made me laugh! The title was a little bit strange, but I just thought I was an old song or something.

          I listen to some more songs form Spinvis now. He gives me the same kind of feeling that I get from listening to Sigur Rós. It’s beautiful and slow. I really like «Ergens toen» «De kleine symfonie» and «Serenade». Do you know of any other artists that have the same kind of «feeling» in there songs?

          • I’m thinking about your question. Spinvis…. the funny thing is, his texts are rather incomprehensive, very poetic and one has to be told what they are about before knowing. Not always. He has this song ‘Voor ik vergeet’, meaning: before I forget, wich is about just that, there will be a time I forget things, mayby ending in total blankness. Before that time I need to repeat, bring back memories, tell myself my stories. It ends with: I love you, I love you so much, till I forget… I’m a big fan, wich is a bit strange because I consider myself as ironic and detached in some way. Anyway – that was not what you asked. It’s hard to think of simular music. Maybe… Pink Floyd. I know that is an ancient and no longer existing English band, but their music also mostly is slow and melodic and like floating. Or… very different but also good is the old Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. His album ‘sundown’ I still like a lot. I will try to think of more. If I found something I’ll let you know.

          • I like Pink Floyd! Especially the song «Comfortably numb», it’s just gets me everytime. It’s a song for both good and bad days, and I love to fall asleep to it. «Wish you were here» is also great. «Comfortably numb» reminds me a bit of «Run» by Snow patrol. At least the feeling it gives me.

            I’m going to check out Gordon Lightfoot.

  2. I have now listened tot all 5. You are a romantic soul! I liked them all but Kanskje du behøver noen I liked best. I did not understand what the song is about, perhaps love (duh). Why was the man with the beard in the video so touched?

    • «Kanskje du behøver noen» is translated to «maybe you need someone». The song is bit melancholic, but very beautiful. It’s mainly about needing someone (or not). More like a question.

      The video is from a tv-show called Hver gang vi møtes (Everytime we meet), were different well known artists from Norway meet each other and sing each others songs. That’s why the man is so touched, because Lene Marlin did a great performance of his song. She makes it more fragile and beautiful. You can listen to the original song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7XokB3o4oY


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